EDU 305 Post #1

For this assignment I looked at two different blogs: “Beyond School” written by Clay Burrell and “Hey Jude” by Judy O’Connell. Both of these bloggers have previous qualifications in education. Clay Burrell has taught all over the world and specializes in teaching others about technology integration in the classroom. Judy O’Connell is a lecturer at Charles Stuart University, lecturing in library and information technologies. Both of these bloggers know what they are talking about in their blogs from personal experience.

I read the blog post “Hands on The Future: Spotting Web 3.0” on the blog Hey Jude. The blog can be found at this link: . In this blog Judy talks about a conference she went to in Singapore about preparing students for web 3.0. In the blog she says the message of this post is to say that “today’s novelty is tomorrow’s norm.” One example of this is a picture on this post that shows students using instagram to collect school yearbook photos. Teachers need to embrace social networking and other web technologies in their teaching.

In another post on Hey Jude, I learned about Google and the knowledge graph. The blog post, called “Google Your Brain” can be found at this link: . The knowledge graph connects many different ideas across Google to each other so that they are easy to find and make one big web of information. The third thing I learned from this graph was in the post “Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum.” The link for this blog post can be found here: . Here I learned that there is a handbook by the same title as this blog post which tells teachers how to encourage and teach digital literacy in the classroom. The document is available online for anyone who wants to look at it.

Below is my Wordle on genres of books. I did this Wordle because I thought it would be a good image to review the different types of genres of books without giving anything away. This could be put up on a projector for students to discuss in a group, or students could pick one genre and explain it in their journal. Another possibility is that a child chooses a genre and then has to find a book in the category. The possibilities are endless.

The new technology that I have learned today is that of the Wordle. I think the wordle is a great tool to start discussions with children. A tool that I already knew about that was introduced in this class was Storybird. I had this tool introduced to be in another class, so writing a story in Storybird was not the most educational thing for me to do. I am sure I will use both of these technologies in my classroom with my children – they are both wonderful tools.


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